Taking notes: text notes & checklists

Create text notes for textual information, and checklists for various lists ranging from to-do lists to shopping lists. You can check off the items on a list once you complete them.


Color-code your notes to keep them organized. You can name a color group and check how many notes you have in a color group.

Putting sticky notes

Use widgets to put sticky notes on your home screen. A sticky note will be always in your sight so that you never miss it.

Setting a reminder

Set a time reminder on a note or pin notes to the status bar. These will help you get things done.

Managing schedule with calendar

Manage your schedule by taking notes on the calendar. You will be reminded of a note on the date to which it was assigned.

Locking notes

Lock a note with a master password. Nobody will be able to access it without the master password. Even you cannot open it if you forget the master password.

Sharing notes

Send notes to friends via various tools such as SMS/MMS, email, messenger, SNS, etc.

Archiving notes

Use the archive to store notes containing information which you don’t need to access frequently but may need someday.

Backing up notes

ColorNote provides not only online backup but also device backup. These help you avoid losing your notes.

Using auto link

You can directly call a phone number saved on a note, automatically move to a URL, check a location on the map, send email and link one note to another.

Searching for notes

You can search for a note using a keyword. ColorNote will show you all the notes containing that keyword you searched for.

Searching the web

You can search the web for a word that you saved in a note. You can easily and instantly reach out for the information you need.

* This feature is available for devices running Android 4.0 or higher version.