Quickly jot down anything you want, wherever you are.

How can I add a note?

You can add a note by tapping the ‘+’ button. After tapping the ‘+’ button, select the type of note you want to create: Text or Checklist. Write down the note and then save it by simply tapping the ‘back’ button.

How can I add items in a checklist?

Follow the steps below.

  • Tap ‘Add Item’ in the edit mode of a checklist.
  • Enter the items.
  • Tap ‘OK’. If you want to add more items, tap ‘Next’ rather than ‘OK’.

The ‘Add item’ buttons can be found in both the top and bottom of the list. You can tap where you want to add the item.

How can I check off the items on a checklist?

Simply tap the item, and it will be checked off. Also you can uncheck by tapping the checked items. If you want to check or uncheck all items, use the List icon in the menu.

How can I change a note’s color?

In the edit mode of a note, tap the Square icon appearing on the upper right side. Choose the color you want.

Backup your notes to the cloud storage so that you don’t lose your notes.

What is ColorNote's online backup service (online sync)?

Online backup service allows you to sync notes across mobile devices.

If you sign up for online backup service, your notes will be backed up to the cloud storage. Then you can get access to your notes from other mobile devices. Therefore, you can easily transfer your notes to a new device when changing devices. Even when you lose a device, you can restore the notes backed up to the cloud storage.

ColorNote automatically syncs notes once a day, and also you can manually sync your notes. Your notes will be encrypted with the AES standard before being uploaded to the cloud storage. AES is the encryption standard that banks use to secure customer data.

How can I sign up for ColorNote’s online backup service?

Choose one method from the following three methods

  • Tap menu -> Choose ‘Backup’-> Make sure you choose ‘Cloud’ in the upper bar -> Tap ‘Sign up’.
  • Tap ColorNote ‘≡’ button -> Tap the circle with rotating arrows in the upper bar -> Tap ‘Sign up’.
  • Go to settings-> Tap ‘Online Backup’ -> Tap ‘Sign up’.

How can I sync notes between a phone and a tablet?

To sync notes between a phone and a tablet, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for online backup service on your phone.
    [Menu -> Backup – > Sign up] or [Settings-> Online backup -> Sign up]
  • Sync notes on your phone.
    [Menu –> Sync] or [Tap the ‘≡’ button -> Tap the circle with rotating arrows] or [Settings-> Online backup ->Sync]
  • Sign in to online sync on your tablet.
    [Menu -> Backup -> Sign in] or [Settings -> Online backup -> Sign in]
  • Sync notes on your tablet.

How can I sign out of online sync service?

Go to Settings. Tap online backup in the settings. Tap menu and choose sign out.

Get reminders about important notes. A reminder will ring an alarm so that you can get things done. Also you can put a sticky note on your home screen.

How can I set a reminder on a note?

To set a reminder on a note, follow these steps.

  • Open the note for which you want to set a reminder.

  • Tap the Reminder icon in the menu.

  • Choose a reminder type from the following: ‘All day’, ‘Time alarm’ or ‘Pin to status

    bar’. Or you can simply use ‘Quick settings’.

How can I put a sticky note on the home screen?

You can put a sticky note using a widget. There are different ways to add widgets to the
home screen depending on the device/android version. The following are examples of
instructions for adding widgets.

Example 1

  • Go to the home screen.
  • Long-press empty space.
  • Choose the “Widget” option.
  • Select the ColorNote widget in the list of widgets.
  • Choose the note you want to make into a sticky note.

Example 2

  • Tap the All Apps icon on your home screen.
  • Select the Widget tab at the top of the screen.
  • Swipe the screen from left to right to see the list of widgets.
  • Once you find the ColorNote widget, long-press and drag it to the home screen.
  • Choose the note you want to make into a sticky note.

*You can resize the widget if your Android OS is 4.0 or higher version.

How can I add a note on the calendar?

To put a note on the calendar, follow these steps:

  • Tap a date on the calendar.

  • Tap ‘Add’ in the pop-up dialog.

  • Choose ‘Text note’ or ‘Checklist’.

  • Once you create a note, the note will appear in the status bar on the date which you
    assigned it to.

Keep your notes organized.

How can I change the order of notes?

You can sort the notes in a workspace. Tap the Sort bar at the top of the list or choose ‘Sort’ in the menu. Choose one among the five sort orders: by modified time, by created time, alphabetically, by color, by reminder time.

How can I name a color group so that I can categorize notes with a color?

To name a color group, follow these steps:

  • Tap menu and choose the Color icon. A dialog displaying a variety of colors will pop up.
  • Long-press the color you want to name in the pop-up dialog.
  • Type the name.

How can I filter notes by color?

Tap the menu button and choose the Color icon. The dialog displaying colors will pop up. Select a color and you will see a note collection of that color.

How can I change the way to display notes in a workspace?

ColorNote has four ways to display a note collection: List, Details, Grid, Large grid view. You can make your choice by tapping the View icon in the menu.

Search for a note using keywords and send it to your friends.

How can I search for a note?

You can find a note using a keyword. ColorNote will show you all the notes containing that keyword.

  • Tap the Search icon in the menu.
  • Enter a keyword, and ColorNote will show you some of the notes containing that keyword.
  • Swipe the note list up and down to find the note you want.
  • Choose the note you want. The keywords inside the note will be highlighted so that you can easily find that keyword.

Can I send a note to others?

You can send a note to your friends via various tools such as SMS/MMS, email,
messenger, SNS etc. To send a note, follow these steps:

  • Open a note.
  • Choose the Send icon from the menu.
  • Choose the method such as email, SMS/MMS or messenger.

* If the receiver also has ColorNote, it is better to choose the ‘Send as attachment’
option which sends the note keeping its note format.

 Do you need more information on how to use ColorNote or have any trouble?  Check out FAQ session.