Please follow the steps below to transfer notes saved on the previous device to the new device using online backup. We recommend you use online backup rather than device backup.


  • When you have the previous device
  • Sign up for online backup on the previous device.
    [Menu -> Backup -> Sign up] or [Settings-> Online backup -> Sign up]
  • Sync notes.
    [Menu -> sync] or [Tap the ‘≡’ button -> Tap the circle with rotating arrows] or [Settings -> Online backup ->Sync]
  • Check how many notes are synced.
    [Menu -> Settings –> Online backup -> Synced notes]
  • Sign in to online sync on the new device.
    [Menu -> Backup -> Sign in] or [Settings -> Online backup -> Sign in]
  • When you don’t have the previous device

If you had signed up for online sync on the previous device, just sign in to online sync with the same account on the new device.