Auto link functions are powerful tools that allow you to organize notes in a more structured way as well as to easily access the services you want.

  • Auto link phone number: You can directly call a phone number saved in a note.
  • Address link: You can check the location of an address saved in a note in Google Maps.
    Type the address (Standard address format) and save it. If you tap that address, you will move to that location in Google Maps.
  • Email link: You can send an email to an address saved in a note.
    Type the email address and save it. Tap the email address, and you will be able to use Email.
  • URL link: You can directly move to the website of a URL you saved in a note.
    Tap the URL and save it. You can move to that URL by simply tapping it.
  • Note link/Auto link wiki word: You can link a note with another note. You can make a sub-note or a sub-checklist with these functions.